Mounted Arms Simulator (MArS)

The VSS Mounted Arms Simulator (MArS) is an immersive, cost effective weapon training solution which allows gunnery part tasking procedures and immediate action drills to be taught, practiced and assessed in simulated Air, Land and Sea scenarios.

MArS now supports the next generation TitanIM simulation engine for maximum fidelity and boundless operation.

 Main Features:

  • Reconfigurable in moments for Air, Land or Sea operation
  • Supports weapon action drills with instructor operated weapon malfunctions
  • Weapons include M240, M134, and M2 with other weapons available on request
  • Weapons are highly realistic replicas with operable components such as cocking handles, feed plates, spinning barrels and triggers/safeties
  • Electric recoil assembly
  • Supports NVG with flip-up HMD
  • High fidelity synthetic environment
  • Scenario Constructor, Scenario Admin, and Scenario Debrief functions

 Modular Options:

  • Choice of Projection Dome and/or Helmet Mounted Display for visual system
  • Optional Motion platform with 3DOF or 6DOF movement
  • Multiple MArS units can be linked together for joint training, or connect to other simulators via HLA/DIS

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  • Used by:

  • Used for:

  • UK Ministry of Defence
  • Air, Land or Sea gunnery training
  • Weapon handling and immediate action drills
  • Gunnery procedures
  • Tactical training