Virtual Vehicle Trainer (V V T)

The latest in virtual simulators from VSS, the Virtual Vehicle Trainer (VVT) is an innovation in the world of simulated vehicle driver and crew training.  

 Main Features:

The VVT has the ability to immerse all crew members in the same virtual environment, providing training opportunities for multiple vehicle specific scenarios. Instructors are empowered to control the degree of complexity and difficulty in the scenario and monitor all training outcomes.

The VVT offers the flexibility to be configured into several vehicles, from a LAV3 with a 25mm cannon to a 4-man armor crew engaged in mobile warfare, or simply replicate a 2-driver MAN logistics truck conducting an admin move through urban terrain.

In its simplest form, the VVT presents training establishments with a virtual driver skills training solution that offers low risk with minimal logistics and cost overheads. The ability to fluidly reconfigure the VVT to the desired platform negates the requirement for numerous specific simulators and offers a custom mix of vehicles to support driver training and the end user's vehicle fleet.

  V V T Offers:

  • Reconfigurable crew trainer that supports multiple vehicle types in the one system
  • Able to support up to 4 crew per system
  • Can be combined with VSS replica weapons for gunnery training.
  • Crews are connected via ICS comms for CRM.
  • Multiple VVTs are able to be networked for convoy or company training
  • Used for:

  • Armored or soft skin vehicle crew training
  • Threat assessment and target identification
  • Immediate Action drill capability
  • Convoy protection drills
  • Awareness of armored tactics in a controlled environment
  • Hunter/Killer procedures
  • ICS and RATEL training internal and brigade NETS.
  • Supports scenarios from solo RECON roles to Full Assaults with multiple vehicles.