Tactical Airlift Crew Trainer (TACT)

The VSS Tactical Airlift Crew Trainer (TACT) can simulate numerous aspects of the fixed wing cargo aircrew live environment. From threat observation/reaction to SAR procedures, the TACT offers an immersive training tool for rear crew operations.

 Main Features:

  • TACT offers the ability to observe ground based anti aircraft threats and deploy relevant counter measures, detect engine malfunctions, practice ground marshalling and vehicle transfers, conduct cargo airdrop operations and paradrops, and perform Search And Rescue training. 
  • The 6 DOF tracking offers exceptional freedom of movement and supports up to 4 aircrew per simulator. Loadmaster trainees can be tasked with numerous responsibilities that are normally inherent with the operation of a fixed wing cargo aircraft in a civil or hostile environment. 
  • TACT supports HLA and DIS connectivity thus allowing the integration of high fidelity pilot simulators and providing CRM training in the same virtual space. For an all-in-one approach, a VSS modular Virtual Fixed Wing Simulator can be added to the TACT for a seamlessly integrated whole crew environment with pilots and aircrew working together.

 TACT offers:

  • Fully Immersive Simulator
  • 6DOF Virtual Reality Tracking
  • Optional Teacup Projection Domes
  • High Fidelity Visuals
  • Variety of terrain types
  • Scenario Constructor
  • Scenario Debrief/AAR
  • Scenario live manipulation
  • ICS audio for trainees and instructors
  • Used by:

  • Used for:

  • Royal Australian Air Force
  • Threat Observation and Recognition - SAMs, AAA, Enemy Aircraft
  • Flare / Chaff dispensing
  • Cargo Security
  • Vehicle Loading
  • Tarmac / Confined Airfield Maneuvering
  • Dispatching Paratroopers
  • Ramp and Cabin Inflight Checks
  • Cargo Airdrops
  • Aircraft Emergencies - Engine Fires, Hydraulic Leaks