VSS develops both COTS and custom simulators and simulation items, from full procedural trainers and projection domes, to replica weapons and devices. VSS also provides design, integration, support and training services.

VSS specializes in bespoke simulation solutions. We can make physical replicas of any hardware, big or small, and virtualize its operation for part task training in a virtual environment. VSS has developed cost-effective techniques for larger procedural trainers, such as aircraft or vehicles, and is able to design and build simulators utilizing many Commercial-Off-The-Shelf components and software to offer economic and modular solutions. This approach costs a fraction of the millions of dollars that such products usually attract, and the end result benefits from a greater flexibility, ease of use, and lower maintenance/operational costs.

In addition to custom development and larger simulation projects, VSS offers an innovative range of ready-made simulation products. Click on the navigation bar above for more information on each item.