Simulated M240 Machine Gun

The M240 is the new workhorse of the mounted machine gun crews with thousands now employed with armies around the world. A generally reliable automatic weapon in 7.62mm caliber, it provides good suppression and support at extended ranges. The VSS M240 is a highly detailed simulated weapon that provides trainees with various degrees of weapon readiness drills, marksmanship and engagement roles, whilst necessitating the 'immediate actions' required upon a stoppage.

  Main Features:

  • Detailed Replica Weapon
  • Functioning feedcover and feedplate
  • Support 'load' Drills with replica rounds
  • Magazine Bin Change Over
  • Operable Triggers and Safety
  • Simulates malfunctions and immediate action drills
  • Electric recoil system
  • Used by:

  • Used for:

  • Australian Army
  • UK MOD
  • Colombian Police Force
  • Weapon handling procedures
  • Immediate action drills
  • Suppressive fire training
  • Target Identification
  • Rules of engagement training
  • Crew served weapon SOP training