Virtual Fixed-wing Trainer

VSS has recently fielded its new simulator, the Virtual Fixed Wing Trainer (VFT).  Advancing from the  prototype version, the VFT is a high fidelity simplified trainer intended for joint training experimentation, and training. Other roles for the VFT can be vastly expanded to include additional training benefit for pilots and other potential battlefield participants (ATCs, FAC-As, etc).

The VFT can also be used as a higher fidelity roleplayer option in the VSS Virtual JTAC Simulator (VJS), which features a full 360 degree projection dome and multiple simulated devices for immersive JTAC/JFO/FAC training.

 Main Features:

  • Modular controls and airframes
  • Reconfigurable Armament Loadouts and Fuzing
  • Optional Dome Projection
  • Optional Motion Platform
  • Used for:

  • Mission rehearsal
  • CAS Missions
  • UAV Operator training
  • JTAC or FO mission support
  • SAM recognition and avoidance