Virtual JTAC Simulator

The Virtual JTAC Simulator is a revolutionary new system that provides trainees with the ability to conduct Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC), Forward Air Controller (FAC) or Forward Observer (FO) roles in a portable platform, a classroom setting, or a 360 degree virtual environment using the exact same software configuration.

Exceptionally high resolution graphics with unlimited view distances combine to offer JTAC trainees the ability to identify aircraft, targets and threats whilst maintaining control of the battlefield situation. Replica equipment allows trainees to operate exactly as they would in reality.

The VSS Virtual JTAC Simulator has achieved the highest accreditations possible at multiple locations, and is in active operation within numerous JTAC Programs around the world.

 Main Features:

  • Ability to provide force protection and execute Close Air Support and Call For Fire solutions for multiple assets whilst deconflicting collateral damage and friendly casualties.
  • Wide selection of CAS and CFF platforms, weaponry, munitions and fuzing.
  • 9 Line and 5 Line brief capability for Fixed Wing and Rotary Wing CAS, with either AI or manual pilot execution or orders.
  • The capability to identify approaching aircraft in a 270 or 360 degree virtual environment and monitor alignment, weapon release, and BDA.
  • Trainees interact with Fit, Form and Functional physical replica equipment including Laser Designators, Laser Range Finders, IR Pointers, Video Downlink and other devices, to provide the JTAC with a comprehensive toolbox of solutions.
  • Ability to identify and suppress Anti-Aircraft fire and provide airspace deconfliction.
  • Full Scenario Constructor, Scenario Admin, and Scenario Debrief capability built into a single application, allowing immediate Mission Planning, Rehearsal, Conduct and Evaluation.


 Modular Options:

  • Variety of Simulated Military Equipment available or able to be custom-built.
  • Variety of visual options from VR headsets to 270-360 degree projection domes.
  • Physical and virtual radio comms options.
  • Optional modules for manual Pilot Stations, Roleplayer Stations, Targeting Pod Stations, etc.
  • Supports HLA and DIS for federated simulation.
  • Can be linked natively to other VSS products to provide complex training scenarios with Combat Search & Rescue (CSAR) and Sniper support.
  • Used by:

  • Used for:

  • Royal Australian Air Force
  • Australian Army
  • Target priority assessment
  • Threat observation and recognition
  • Rangefinding and target references
  • Directing and Adjusting Artillery, including SEAD
  • Lasing/Designating Targets
  • Conduct BDA
  • Deconflict airspace with multiple CAS platforms and CFF assets