Virtual Marshalling Simulator (VMS)

The Virtual Marshalling Simulator (VMS) is an innovative stand-alone training system for ground based support crew.  VMS offers high fidelity immersion into the world of flight deck operations with the ability to control and direct aircraft that are about to deploy or have returned from a mission and require ground marshalling.  When used to complement to the VSS Complete Aircrew Training System (CATS), the training audience is presented with a complete virtual air operations environment.

 Main Features:

  • Full 6 DOF freedom for 4 marshallers with wireless, backpack mounted VR systems that allow free-roaming 360º space.
  • Dynamic weather effects with a range of settings, including wind, rain, fog, lightning
  • The ability to conduct pre-flight checks and manage callsigns on the tarmac.
  • After Action Review capabilities to record and play back virtual scenarios
  • Real-time scenario editor with vast control
  • Instructor ability to trigger aircraft emergencies such as engine fires, hydraulic leaks, hot brakes on fighter planes, and tarmac incursions by personnel or vehicles
  • Stand-alone training or link into a wider simulated environment such as an aircrew, convoy, or ship training system via DIS or HLA.
  • Aircraft can be controlled manually or in a semi-automated system depending on manning availability
  • Simulated procedures include VR hand signals such as: refueling, HIFR, deck lashing, power, take-off and landing, and many others
  • Minimises the necessity for live aircraft availability
  • Reduces reliance on pilot interaction
  • Negates the requirement for expenditure on fuel and other consumables
  • VMS supports logistic setups for FARP marshalling exercises
  • Used by:

  • Used for:

  • Royal Australian Air Force
  • Royal Australian Navy
  • Australian Army Aviation
  • Marshalling of rotary or fixed wing aircraft
  • Wireless connectivity of trainees that offers unrestricted movement
  • Supports both land and marine LZ's
  • Accommodates 4 trainees in the one scenario