Simulated M134 Minigun

The extraordinary heavy ammo usage of the M134 mini gun (6000 rpm) can be a supply officers nightmare but VSS have solved the training overhead with the VSS M134 virtual weapon. Our full size replica of the original M134 offers an accurate weapon along with its functioning parts that are manipulated to clear stoppages and ensure the weapon is operational.

  Main Features:

  • High Detail all metal replica M134
  • Removable, Safing sector - sensed
  • Removable Feeder/Delinker - sensed
  • Functioning Feeder/Delinker doors - sensed
  • Feeder/Delinker Sync Button - sensed
  • Dummy inert rounds to seat - sensed
  • Robust control design with redundancy for the highest possible uptime during training
  • ICS switching - sensed
  • Last bullet reset - sensed
  • Variable fire rates (GAU-17)
  • Spinning barrels with inertia
  • Force feedback during fire and dry firing with high frequency vibration module
  • (Optional) 8 Bullet check - sensed
  • Malfunctions and Operations - any critical part of the weapon, disabled, or removed the weapon will not fire
  • Ammunition Chute can be disconnected - sensed
  • Removable Battery System
  • Instructor triggered stoppages
  • Instructor triggered runaways
  • (Optional) Stand alone audio module that can play up to 12 looped sounds simultaneously to simulate related weapon and malfunction sounds during training
  • (Optional - 2016) Wind torque module on the weapon
  • Standard COTS interfaces and Windows device recognition
  • Supports M134 and GAU17 variants
  • Very Low Maintenance Design
  • Available to system integrators or as a full standalone simulated training solution by VSS

NOTE: The M134 is available with either composite plastics or metal construction.

  • Used by:

  • Used for:

  • Australian Army
  • UK MOD
  • Colombian Police Force
  • Weapon handling procedures
  • Immediate action drills
  • Suppressive fire training
  • Target Identification
  • Rules of engagement training
  • Crew served weapon SOP training