• Complete Aircrew Training System

    Complete Aircrew Training System

    CATS is a cost-effective solution to all aspects of synthetic and procedural training for aircraft crews, from crew interaction to hoisting and door gunnery. CATS presents a Read More
  • Tactical Airlift Crew Trainer

    Tactical Airlift Crew Trainer

    TACT provides the training capability to exercise rear crew in CRM and part-tasking environments normally associated with the operation of fixed wing military cargo aircraft. Read More
  • MK2 Sniper

    MK2 Sniper

    The VSS MK2 Sniper Trainer is a revolutionary new system that turns any scoped weapon into a Sniper/Forward Observer simulator. MK2 is a complete COTS training package, Read More
  • JTAC


    The Virtual JTAC Simulator is a revolutionary new system that provides trainees with the ability to conduct JTAC or Forward Observer (FO) roles in a 360 degree Read More
  • VMS


    The Virtual Marshalling Simulator (VMS) is an innovative stand-alone training system for ground based support crew. VMS offers high fidelity immersion into the world of flight deck Read More
  • MArS


    The VSS Mounted Arms Simulator (MArS) is an immersive, cost effective weapon training solution which allows gunnery part tasking procedures and immediate action drills to be taught, Read More
  • Virtual Vehicle Trainer

    Virtual Vehicle Trainer

    The latest in virtual simulators from VSS, the VVT is an innovation in the simulated world of vehicle training. The ability to immerse all crew members in Read More
  • Virtual Fixed-wing Trainer

    Virtual Fixed-wing Trainer

    An initial prototype version of VFT is displayed here, to demonstrate the simulation capabilities of VSS and Titan. This is a highly simplified trainer intended for joint Read More
  • M134 MiniGun

    M134 MiniGun

    The extraordinary heavy ammo usage of the M134 mini gun can be a supply officer's nightmare but VSS have solved the training overhead with the VSS M134 Read More
  • LHTT


    The VSS Live Hoist Training Tower (LHTT) utilises both industry proven techniques and current state of the art technologies to deliver enhanced aircrew training. With safety at Read More
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Virtual Simulation Systems

Virtual Simulation Systems is a groundbreaking company developing new and custom solutions to military or civilian simulation needs. We offer an innovative range of products in the synthetic training realm and are constantly developing new technologies to meet cost-effective outcomes.

VSS designs and builds custom simulators, full procedural or part task trainers to suit any needs and any budget. From vehicles to aircraft, projection domes to virtual displays, we can provide an affordable service and bespoke workmanship. Our range of existing Commercial Off The Shelf simulators are modular and can be combined, customized or extended in many ways.


  • New M134 Minigun +

    VSS has made simulated M134 Miniguns for the past three years, and now offers a new, higher fidelity version as an option for more demanding Read More
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