A global sandbox. An open world. A complete ecosphere in which to create, to experiment - to experience. There are no limits in TitanIM, geographically or conceptually.

TitanIM is a simulation software platform offering a genuinely new capability. Within minutes of picking up TitanIM for the first time, a user can leverage a whole world representation of Earth and create a new scenario, modify the environment, or participate as a virtual entity - at any point around the world.

TitanIM offers:

  • A Point & Click Scenario Constructor
  • Powerful Game-quality Runtime Engine
  • Scenario Debrief with full 3D playback
  • Online Multiplayer Networking
  • Real-time Terrain Editing
  • Global Terrain Database
  • Web-integrated Environment
  • An Open Development Platform

  • TitanIM is capable of recreating planetwide environments from ocean floors to Earth’s orbit at equally high fidelity for any point between. Using the powerful Outerra rendering engine, blades of grass and dirt roads are as eye-pleasing as in any major video game, yet the view from 50,000 feet altitude is suitable for a high-end simulator.
  • Air, Land, Sea and Space are not separate concepts in TitanIM; they are an uninterrupted continuum, and TitanIM is equally capable of operating anywhere in that scale – or in all domains at once.
  • TitanIM also embraces the concept of Scalable Users. Not everyone has the same goals or interests or skills in how they approach TitanIM. One user may want to create a simple scenario to quickly test a concept within a few minutes, another may want to author and deliver a complex solution to a need, and another may create a complete self-contained game, simulation or application using TitanIM as a starting platform. TitanIM strives to strike a balance in accommodating all such users without alienating any.

  • TitanIM provides a user with everything they need out of the box to instantly engage in a high fidelity experience, without limiting that user from changing the nature of that experience.
  • The capabilities to enable this come in many forms, but broadly break down to five elements – the World and its environment, the Content inside that world, the Scenario that can be authored (from a simple mission to a full standalone application), the User Interfaces, and the External Interfaces available.

  • Titan Vanguard is AVAILABLE NOW for selected military and commercial projects and is already used in several military organizations and simulators, training soldiers daily.
  • Please get in touch with your detailed requirements.
  • Titan is not currently available to home users or for entertainment purposes.