Landing Safety Officer Trainer (LSOT)

Virtual Simulation Systems delivers a fully immersive Landing Safety Officer Trainer to enhance the Warfighter.

The VSS Landing Safety Officer Trainer (LSOT) is a natural evolution of our Rear Cabin Trainers (aka CATS) and our Virtual Marshalling Simulator, combining elements of each into a highly customizable training solution. LSOT presents a full physical cabin environment with trainees free to move around and operate the completely immersive equipment, using an Augmented Reality high fidelity view of the external environment. The combination of replica hardware to fulfil contextual training, an ICS available for communications with ship duty role players, fully animated 3D representation of all deck, ocean and aircraft activity, and an integrated, semi-automated "Intelligent Tutor" courseware to ease instructor/operator burden, allows the LSOT to deliver maximum effectiveness for training.

Main Features

  • The LSOT cabin can be tailored for any specific ship or for any specific training outcome of Landing Safety Officers (LSOs) in the recovery of helicopters. This includes ships fitted with a RAST (Recovery Assist, Secure and Traverse) system.
  • LSOT consists of an LSO cabin in the proper dimensions for the targeted ship (or reconfigurable/generic to support multiple ships), containing full replica controls and instrumentation, together with an Instructor Operating Station (IOS). A CCTV option allows for synchronized after action review of both the physical and virtual world simultaneously.
  • The Titan simulation engine contains all of the required physics, flight dynamics, animations, and ship/helicopter functionality in order to conduct the required preparation, recovery, securing, traverse and launch evolutions required of the aircraft, including malfunctions and emergency conditions.
  • Utilising the powerful Titan simulation engine, the LSOT features extensive scenario creation, administration and after action review capabilities, with a global terrain database (including all world oceans and coastlines), adjustable sea states, weather simulation and an extensive library of both static and moving models.
  • The LSOT can be delivered in either VR, AR or projected/screen configurations, or a combination of, for maximum flexibility and targeted budgets. All functions and integrated courseware can be customized to suit specific curriculum and ship functions.
  • RAST – (Recovery Assist, Secure and Traverse) system or
  • ASIST – (Aircraft Ship Integrated Secure and Traverse System)