Posted on December 02, 2019

I/ITSEC Trade Show 2019

VSS demonstrates as part of reconfigurable Virtual Collective Trainer – Systems (RVCT-S) at I/ITSEC 2019. VSS developed a portable mixed reality hoist trainer with variable speed winch and tension control that includes a single continuous looped real cable that all fits into ruggedized transportable storage cases.

Posted on October 27, 2015

New M134 Minigun

VSS has made simulated M134 Miniguns for the past three years, and now offers a new, higher fidelity version as an option for more demanding simulator requirements. This high fidelity version includes enhancements such as a simulated battery box, ammo box, ammo feed, and numerous additional sensors for functioning components of the weapon.
The VSS Simulated M134 is easy to integrate into any simulaton, using COTS connections and simple operation. VSS can also provide a full one-stop solution for Minigun training on any platform (land, air or sea), leveraging the high fidelity Titan software engine, crew station mockups, and either VR or projection dome based visuals.

Posted on February 18, 2015

NSW Ambulance Hoist Simulator now operational

VSS is proud to announce that our new Live Hoist Trainer (LHTT) is now being regularly used for training by the NSW Ambulance Service Air Wing based at Bankstown airport.
Engineered to train aircrew in the part-task operations required during SAR missions, the LHTT provides trainees with a high fidelity training platform and realistic hoisting capability for their AW139 operations.
The LHTT is designed to replicate a scale model of an actual AW139 Rescue Helicopter, and offers NSWAMB a new dimension in training capability and rehearsal of missions. NSWAMB is now unrestricted in its capability to conduct hoist and patient handling training with nil requirement for operational aircraft hours to maintain skill currency. This provides the ability to train both paramedics and ambulance aircrew officers in CRM procedures on a 'low cost vs high return' training aid.
The "Live" training simulator concept is a new venture for VSS as the company moves into supplying our customers with both virtual and physical training simulator solutions, thus offering a comprehensive solution to complex flight deck training.

Posted on December 08, 2014

I/ITSEC Trade Show

Last week we participated in the I/ITSEC Training & Simulation Conference in Orlando, Florida. VSS provided a number of simulators in a joint training demonstration with Intelligent Decisions, Titan IM and Laser Shot covering air, land and sea simulation. The simulators included the following:

  • CATS Helicopter Aircrew Simulator, with M134 minigun and connected to a Ryan Aerospace HeliMod for Whole Crew Training
  • Virtual Fixed Wing Trainer, in F/A-18 configuration with an Oculus Rift
  • Virtual Vehicle Trainer, in Humvee configuration with an M240 replica weapon
  • In addition, we displayed a standalone Mounted Arms Simulator (MArS) with our replica M134 Minigun on the Polhemus display, using their G4 motion tracking system.
  • The show was great and while the setup was frantic everything came together well in the end. Thanks to all the people who supported us before and during the show, to make for a very successful event.