Modular Dome Projection Screens

VSS Domes are used by the Australian Defence Force, UK Ministry of Defence, US National Guard and other organizations around the world.

The VSS modular dome system leads curved projection display systems in both efficiency and affordability. With its state-of-the-art modular design, the VSS dome screen can service virtually any panoramic display requirement in any configuration, from trade shows to multi-million dollar simulators. Its ease, customization and durability are unmatched, satisfying both permanent and portable solutions at a cost far below similar products.

VSS dome projection screens can be custom constructed to suit any size or field of view, from mammoth full spheres to desktop curved screens.

A VSS Dome is a remarkable addition to any military or civilian training system. For example, when integrated with the VSS MK2 Sniper or JTAC Trainer, it gives a Sniper and/or FO an unprecedented amount of situational awareness.

The domes come in 3 "off the shelf" sizes. 4 meter, 5.25 meter and 7 meter diameters with custom sizes able to be engineered according to the customers specifications.

The optional 'teacup' lip at the top and bottom of the stand dome offers an additional FOV of up to 85 degrees horizontal viewing.

Key Featuress:

  • Packs into a crate for light. easy transit
  • Dome panels fit through any standard single doorway
  • Most models erected in 2 hours by 2 people
  • Variety of Off the Shelf models available - currently 4, 5.25 and 7 metre diameter sizes
  • Horizontal FOV in any 15 degree increment up to full 360 degrees FOV
  • Teacup module to extend upper and lower viewing range to a total of 85 degree Vertical FOV
  • We can create any Custom Shapes and Sizes