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Virtual Simulation Systems develops new and custom solutions to military or civilian simulation needs. We offer an innovative range of synthetic training products and are constantly developing new technologies to meet cost-effective outcomes.

VSS designs and builds custom simulators, full procedural or part task trainers to suit any needs and any budget. From vehicles to aircraft, projection domes to virtual displays, we can provide an affordable service and bespoke workmanship. Our range of existing Commercial Off The Shelf simulators are modular and can be combined, customized or extended in many ways.

Latest News .

I/ITSEC Trade Show 2019

VSS demonstrates as part of reconfigurable Virtual Collective Trainer – Systems (RVCT-S) at I/ITSEC 2019. VSS developed a portable mixed reality hoist trainer with variable speed winch and tension control that includes a single continuous looped real cable that all fits into ruggedized transportable storage cases.[...]

The best Simulation Training Capability in the World

Check out Pages 26 – 28 of MST where it describes VSS’ VSS are extremely proud to play a part with supporting the fleet of helicopters for Royal Australian Navy at Nowra. Check 26 – 28 for the full story, or email sales@visim.net for any questions. [Read More]

NSW Ambulance Hoist Simulator now operational

VSS is proud to announce that our new Live Hoist Trainer (LHTT) is now being regularly used for training by the NSW Ambulance Service Air Wing based at Bankstown airport. Engineered to train aircrew in the part-task operations required during SAR missions [...]

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