Complete Aircrew Training System (CATS)

CATS is a cost-effective solution to all aspects of synthetic and procedural training for aircraft crews, from crew interaction to hoisting and door gunnery.

 Main Features:

Crew members are equipped with Virtual Reality headsets and their positions are tracked in 3D space. Trainees view a high-fidelity representation of the aircraft and surrounding environment that is completely immersive. Trainees are free to move about the cabin mockup and operate as they would in a real aircraft, including lying down to view the craft’s underside. An Internal Communication System (ICS) allows crew members to develop and practice effective crew coordination.

CATS presents a full crew mission environment either by the CATS instructor acting as the pilot, by incorporating a VSS cockpit module, or by linking into an existing pilot simulator via HLA/DIS. Door gunnery is offered in both VR or projected modes with a modular 180° spherical screen.

VSS also creates replica weapons, such as the simulated M134 Minigun and M240 for a high fidelity door gunnery experience.

 Modular Options:

  • Door Gunnery Module - This module offers a rear crew 'part-tasking' VR environment for door gunners whilst using various weapon platforms. The door gunner module supports the use of Head Mounted Displays (VR) or optional Projection Dome visuals.
  • Hoisting/Winching Module - Supporting SAR and 'under slung' load scenarios for rear crewmen, this capability exercises the rear crew in the complexity of hoisting operations and sling load pickup and flight. 
  • Cockpit Module - Provides CRM training environments thus adding complexity to Rear Crew operating procedures and internal ICS chatter.  Pilots are presented with flight controls and instruments to facilitate and maintain flight/hover according to aircraft type and rear crew directions.
  • Marshalling Module - Supporting ground crew training as aircraft proceed to land or takeoff from a ship's deck or landing zone, this module incorporates the VSS Virtual Marshalling Simulator (VMS) used by the RAAF, RAN and AAvvn.  This training capability can be used individually or combined with the above modules for complex and immersive scenarios.
  • Airborne Sniping Module - adding to rear crew responsibilities and offering 'force multipliers' to commanders, the MK2 sniper module incorporates the combination of aircrew and special forces elements. The ability to snipe from a aircraft platform in a VR environment is currently in service with the Australian Special Forces and School of Infantry.


  • Used by:

  • Used for:

  • Australian Defence Force
  • UK Ministry of Defence
  • European Defence Agency
  • AgustaWestland
  • Priority 1 Air Rescue
  • CareFlight QLD
  • Cabin Security Training
  • External Load Operations
  • Inflight Emergencies
  • Formation Flying
  • Fast Roping
  • Obstacle Awareness
    (Low Level/NOE ops)
  • Rescue Hoist Operations
  • NVG Training
  • Ship Operations/Deck Landing
  • Airborne Sniping