Virtual Cabin Trainer (VCT)

The VSS Virtual Cabin Trainer is a natural evolution from our Rear Cabin Trainers for rotary wing (aka CATS) and our Virtual Marshalling Simulator (featuring a FLYCO station), combining elements of each into a highly customizable training solution.

 Main Features:

The style and purpose of the featured cabin can be generic, reconfigurable or type specific, for land, sea, air and space platforms. Devices and controls can likewise be generic or type specific to offer the maximum amount of immersion and task training familiarization.

Utilizing the powerful Titan simulation engine, the VCT features extensive scenario creation, administration and review capabilities, with a global terrain database and extensive library of both static and moving models.

The VCT is modular and can be delivered in VR, AR or projected/screen configurations for maximum flexibility, and each element customized to both budget and required specification.