A global sandbox. An open world.

A complete ecosphere in which to create, to experiment - to experience. There are no limits in TitanIM, geographically or conceptually.

TitanIM is a simulation software platform offering a genuinely new capability. Within minutes of picking up TitanIM for the first time, a user can leverage a whole world representation of Earth and create a new scenario, modify the environment, or participate as a virtual entity - at any point around the world.


Laser Shot Agent

VSS is the exclusive Australasian agent for Laser Shot, the global leader in firearm and force option training solutions. Laser Shot develops accurate, dependable training devices for effective use of firearms by military, law enforcement, and other public safety professionals.

Laser Shot training solutions are employed by thousands of military and law enforcement agencies around the world every day. VSS can provide all Laser Shot products and services, including replica firearms, patented Thermal Shot live fire technology, shooting range modernization retrofits, deployable Military Skills Engagement Trainers, mobile training ranges and more.

Priority 1 Air Rescue

Priority 1 Air Rescue teaches all aspects of emergency response for pilots and aircrews in order for their unit to provide Search and Rescue (SAR), Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS), and Tactical Law Enforcement (LE) missions. We provide Transport Canada, EASA, CASA, and FAA compliant Part 133 Class D Human External Cargo (HEC) training worldwide for Fire/Rescue services, SAR teams, Utility/Industry personnel, Commercial Part 135 Operators, Law Enforcement Agencies and Domestic/International Military units. Our training courses have been successfully delivered and employed in real world situations by well over 3000 students worldwide.


Amber Tiger Aviation Management

Amber Tiger is a UK based aviation consultancy company specialising in provision of bespoke aviation solutions to governments, military, commercial and SAR/HEMS operators worldwide. Amber Tiger offers a diverse range of services encompassing every aspect of aviation operations, and have a ready cadre of experts to provide solutions to exacting requirements. They focus on four distinct core areas of Training, Project/Operational Management, Charter Operations, and Remote Environment Aviation.